Attawapiskat Singing For Life

Photo of two girls in Attawapiskat involved in the earlier Kiskenamahagewin (The Way of Learning) project by Jackie Hookimaw-Witt.
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Songwriting for the love of life

“Singing For Life” began as a response to the teenage suicide crisis that’s affected the Attawapiskat First Nation. Young people there engaged with the music of indigenous musicians who are leaving their mark on 50 years of popular music, gained instrumental and songwriting skills in a safe place, through group lessons, activities and guided discussion in support of positive, life affirming responses to the very real challenges they face. They chose to write a song about Hope.

Singing For Love welcomes educators of all sorts everywhere to investigate the curriculum outlined here and to put any part it to use in any way you feel might fit your own learning and teaching objectives. As such, we’ve offered some ideas around potential connections to the Ontario K-12 Curriculum, and invite you to share your own.

Rosa Cervantes is a counsellor in psychology who has worked in Mexico and Canada with women and children facing domestic violence; Richard Fouchaux is an Electronic Education Specialist and past member of the Ontario College of Teachers, who previously taught music and STEM in Ontario’s Junior/Intermediate division.


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